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When you make a movie, you really make it 3 times.


There's the movie you write.


The movie you shoot.


The movie you edit.  

Get those ideas out of your head and into a storyboard first. This is part of the 'writing' stage. You'll be able to see what's working, what's not, tweak imagery and body language to make it funnier, more emotional, or dramatic. 

Iron out all the bumps with sketches and drawings. Then, when your concept works great in the storyboard stage, imagine how much better it gets when it goes into production!

~Tom LaBaff 

Photo Booth Options


Photo Booth Options is the premiere on-site experience that leverages exclusive technology to turn a simple photo booth into an effortless and unprecedented data collection device, profit center and social brand builder.

The Copywriter - David Ogilvy and the Beggar

Tall tale or a true story? I don’t know for sure but I had to illustrate this legendary David Ogilvy story. It’s about the importance of being selective with words when it comes to crafting your advertising message. 

Epic - Blue Sky 


A few boards from Blue Sky’s Epic directed by Chris Wedge. A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. To see a full sequence from this production, shoot me an email and I’ll send you a link.






Facebook Story - Playing the Long Game 


I made a visual story from Jon Loomer’s theory of playing the ‘long game’ as it applies to selling products and services on Facebook’s platform. He says brands should focus on creating a solid relationship with their audience first and foremost. When businesses put their efforts into awareness and offer value for nothing in return, they start to build the know, like, and trust factor with people.


Scriptnotes Podcast - Zombies and iPhone Chargers 


Comic panels and animatic of screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin's podcast. They share ’one cool thing’ every week. This was John’s discovery of a camping stove that can also power up an iPhone.

Lessons from an Adman - How to Create Demand When People Hate Potatoes -


Advertising guru Rory Sutherland did a TedTalk about the value of creativity. It was such a good story I stripped the audio from that video and drew these images to compliment his point about some old fashioned persuasion.

Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake

Describe your image.

Beach Huts
Beach Huts

Describe your image.

River Boathouse
River Boathouse

Describe your image.

Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake

Describe your image.


The Art of Teachers Following their Kids Interests 


I got a chance to collaborate with Lunch Pail Productions on this spot for Bright Horizons Family Solutions. The blend of live action and animation keep it playful and help communicate a tricky concept.

Fly the Plane


This piece was commissioned by Applied Industrial Technologies to produce a story about how ‘keeping an eye on the big picture can help simplify a hectic lifestyle.' 


Fly the Plane was shown to over 400 people at Applied’s 90th anniversary shareholder meeting. It won first place in Sparkol’s 2014 business competition of over 700 entries, winning me a shiny new iPad Air, Chromecast and an exclusive tshirt.


"I had the pleasure of working with Tom LaBaff on a project here at EA. He helped bring our story to life. He brought the pages to a place we couldn't have got without him. Amazing spirit, great collaborator.  

-Mike Young - Director EA Sports

"Tom LaBaff is a consummate story artist. His whimsical drawings reflect his unique wit and charm, and his enthusiasm for his art is matched only by his diligent work ethic. I've always enjoyed working alongside Tom, and hope to do so again in the future."​  

-Kevin Deters - Director, Walt Disney Feature Animation 

"Tom LaBaff. He could storyboard the hell out of any scene I wrote, making bad stuff good and good stuff even better. Talented, creative, witty. A great guy."​  

-Ian Southwood - Screenwriter, Blue Sky Studios 

"Tom is one of those story artists who has it all. His style is appealing, his story sense is strong, and his work ethic is solid. I've known Tom for over a decade. He would be a great addition to any story team."​ ​  

-Nathan Greno - Director, Walt Disney Studios 

"Tom is a very funny, talented board artist and always brings originality and insight to his work."​  

-Chuck Williams - Producer/Director

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