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“Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.” Thomas A. Edison


I’ve been in the film business for over 25 years but I believe it’s really the trailing five years that matter the most as far as artistic growth. To see more animatics, message me for the password. 


Some clients/films/shows: 

CBS - Our Cartoon President

Illumination Entertainment - Minion shorts

Prime Focus Limited - Silk Road Rally

Titmouse - Wish Dragon

Blue Sky Studios - Ferdinand the Bull; Rio; Epic; Ice Age

Huhu Studios NZ

Electronic Arts - Madden




What's New:

Deadpool and the Damsel

I recently upgraded my storyboarding software to the latest version and I saw this intimidating little button that says 3D. I avoided it for a while thinking ‘I don’t have time to learn another tool’, but it’s actually easy to get used to. I grabbed a couple assets from around the web and gave it a go.


It's a meeee, Mario!

I reimagined this interview originally produced by Great Big Story with some characters from the game as a tribute to the voice that is responsible for so many great childhood memories!  Read more about it on my blog.

Ferdinand the Bull - Blue Sky Studios

An early scene with Ferdinand and Lupe. 

Women with Drive - Shipsticks


The best of both worlds is when I can storyboard and direct. I helped co-direct this spot with my partner Skip Bowers, long time golf buddy and Ringling college roommate. 

What are you up to?


To see more animatics, message me for the password. 

What are you working on? If you have a script and a vision, I'm always on the hunt for a good collaboration opportunity! 

Oh, and I like to write about tangential stuff in our industry. Check out some short articles below.

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