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Tom LaBaff - Storyboards for animation, film, TV, and gaming. Over 20 years in the biz! 


“Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.” Thomas A. Edison


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"I had the pleasure of working with Tom LaBaff on a project here at EA. He helped bring our story to life. He brought the pages to a place we couldn't have got without him. Amazing spirit, great collaborator.  

-Mike Young - Director EA Sports

"Tom LaBaff is a consummate story artist. His whimsical drawings reflect his unique wit and charm, and his enthusiasm for his art is matched only by his diligent work ethic. I've always enjoyed working alongside Tom, and hope to do so again in the future."​  

-Kevin Deters - Director, Walt Disney Feature Animation 

"Tom LaBaff. He could storyboard the hell out of any scene I wrote, making bad stuff good and good stuff even better. Talented, creative, witty. A great guy."​  

-Ian Southwood - Screenwriter, Blue Sky Studios 

"Tom is one of those story artists who has it all. His style is appealing, his story sense is strong, and his work ethic is solid. I've known Tom for over a decade. He would be a great addition to any story team."​ ​  

-Nathan Greno - Director, Skydance Animation Studios 

Some clients/films/shows: 

Illumination Entertainment (current)

Steamroller Studios

House of Cool - Toronto

Locksmith Animation - U.K.

CBS - Our Cartoon President

Illumination Entertainment - Minion shorts

DNEG/ReDefine - Silk Road Rally

Titmouse - Wish Dragon

Blue Sky Studios - Ferdinand the Bull; Rio; Epic; Ice Age

Huhu Studios NZ

Electronic Arts - Madden




What are you up to?

What are you working on? If you have a script and a vision, I'm always on the hunt for a good collaboration opportunity! 

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Phone - 772-321-0349

Oh, and I like to write about tangential stuff in our industry. Check out some short articles on my blog.

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