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Quick bite sized lessons for advanced artists who want to sharpen their skills in drawing and caricature. 

One Minute Nuggets 

Inktober Challenge - 31 Days of Ink

Created by Jake Parker this is like a 31 day marathon where artists use old fashioned ink and paper to draw imagery based on the prompt of the day. The idea is to post something new every day for the month of October.

Don't Take the Top Card

In this week’s one-minute nugget video, I explain why that often your first attempt at a drawing is not the best choice. The sooner you move past that initial effort and get on with the next try, the better chance you’ll have at a more successful piece. 

It’s something I’ve noticed that’s made my work better. Keep it in mind the next time you hit the drawing board. 

Hope this helps, and thanks for watching.

The Pomodoro Method

I’ve been using a technique for the past couple years called the pomodoro method. It’s a process where you set an egg timer for 25 min and concentrate on one task until the timer goes off. My entire day is broken down in to these mini sessions and it’s helped immensely. After each session you’re supposed to allow yourself a short break. On these breaks I usually stretch, check messages, get a drink, make a call, whatever. But when I return to my 25 minute mono tasking sprints I try to respect the pomodoro rule and never break my train of thought. The method is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility. Give it a try!

Some of the tools I use!

One Minute Nuggets - 

Quick bite sized lessons for advanced artists wanting to sharpen their skills in caricature. 

Below are longer videos, around 3 min. These were done before the 'One Minute' challenge idea.