• Tom LaBaff

1984 Chevy C-10 Short Bed Truck

1984 Chevy C-10 for sale as is. No offers below $2,000 will be considered. Needs body work. I put a lot of work into this baby but I just don’t have time and resources to do a proper restore.

The price is firm at 2k, as I mentioned. The truck is being tuned up at the shop and won’t be ready to show and test drive until the weekend of June 20th. Check back here for details, I will update this post as I know more.

The engine is not original, but is strong and has many new parts (see below). Dual exhaust headers with cherry bombs makes this thing cackle and roar like an angry tiger. The body has dents and rust with a fading paint job. The interior has bucket seats with an automatic transmission so don’t let the floor shifter fool you, it’s just for show. No A/C, or radio. The floor carpeting is not in good condition. The cab leaks because of rust.

I made the video above a few years ago back when it was looking good. I'm the 3rd owner. It has a VIN number and clean title. If the video isn't playing, try here

It’s been sitting at a body shop in Vero Beach while I’ve been contemplating the restoration. I’m more interested in finding her a good home than tossing it to the grave yard so make me a decent offer above $2,000 and it’s your Gas Monkey Garage project.

Contact me via email for more info at The important thing to know is that it needs much TLC and the body is in poor shape due to the rust that happens in all the typical places in this model as well as a big dent in the side of the bed.

All the engine details are in a PDF that I can forward to you. A/C Automotive in Vero has done most of the engine work, so it’s top quality craftsmanship and reliability as far as the engine goes.

I'm currently taking more pictures and will update this post so check back soon.

Here’s a partial list of work done:

Carburator $ 160.50

Head, gaskets, rocker $ 1600.00

Distributor, timing $ 74.90

Housing $ 80.00

Axle, bearings, starter $ 1799.15

Power steering $ 62.57

Starter & relay $ 66.86

Pump, steering, outlet $ 437.73

Carburetor, fuel pump $ 385.60

Fuel tank & straps $ 382.23

Distributor, arm, idler $ 907.35

Total $ 5956.89

This is why the price is firm at 2,000. Thanks for your interest!