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Two days after Dante’s older sister begins her attempt to be the youngest girl to sail solo around the globe, she goes missing.

Determined to find her, 12-year-old recovering juvenile delinquent Dante Hopkins gets tangled in the Triangle with rusty man-droids and laser-armed mech bots that live a secluded existence. On an uncharted island in the mid-Atlantic, a nefarious plot unfolds, fueled by products of human engineering. Metal from a graveyard of warplanes, shrimp boats, and single engine Cessnas is being repurposed to further an alien’s mission.

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Key West, Florida - Ground Zero 

In a campaign to find Angie, his abducted sister, Dante bungles a deal with his parents - and Judge Shrapnel - by becoming a fugitive from a Key West boys detention home. With his co-conspirator Parge, he scrambles to find Angie before the law nabs them.

Above: A few of Dante's friends discover something's afoot on a gloomy private beach.



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