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Weekly Live Show


If you’re any of these:


+ visual storyteller

+ comedy writer

+ comics/graphic novel artist

+ want a live audience to perform to


Then this live show thing might be for you. It’s an idea that’s still gestating but basically I want to have a live audience where people can work out their material once a week. 


Each week people will sign up to pitch their one minute set. I’m not sure which platform will be best. Discord or Twitch or…?  Ideas are welcome. 


The format would be 4 people get pulled each week to do their minute. This will be a screen share and after each person is done, the audience gives a speed round of feedback. Maybe we throw out ideas for a better set up, punchline, or just say how much we liked or didn’t understand. Stuff like that. 


5 minutes of feedback for each person would end up being a tight 30 minute show. Very casual, fun, and stress free. Collab with writers/ visual artists. It’s mainly a place to work out your material, test jokes, iron out the kinks.


I work for Illumination as a story artist but you don’t need to have a film degree. From my experience this is the best way to sharpen skills for:

+visual legibility/clarity

+timing and delivery

+story telling



If this is your wheelhouse, or if you just want to be in the audience, sign up to my newsletter and I’ll keep you posted about when the show debuts. And if you have a minute ready, LMK! Otherwise, start writing your minute now.  Everybody has a story to tell!

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Tom holds a BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Fl. He spent the first decade of his career at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He loathes writing in third person so he’ll keep this short.


Tom combines his illustration and animation skills to tell stories from the rat race of life.  Currently, he's working on a new series called 'Reality Slaps' that emerge from the dark shadows of his mind. Some are funny, some are sad - but all are true and come directly from the Muse.   

FILM/TV CREDS: (select)

2024 - TBA Disney + production
2021 - Ron's Gone Wrong
2020 - Ivandoe
2020 - Minion shorts
2018 - Our Cartoon President
2017 - Ferdinand the Bull
2013 - Epic

2012 - Ice Age

2011 - Rio

2003 - Brother Bear

1995 - Pocahontas

1994 - Lion King

1991 - Beauty & the Beast


+ Advanced story tips for animation - 60 second Youtube series
+ Art direction draw overs - critiques for concept artists. Youtube
+ Caffeinated Creatures - blockchain project
+ Sitting is Killing You - specific advice for artists/ Youtube

+ 25+ years in the motion picture industry 


Illumination/RTFKT/Locksmith Animation London/Universal Studios/Disney/Cartoon Network/Sun Creature Studios Denmark/SPIKE/DNEG/Hasbro/House of Cool/Reddit





Style description for the vision impaired:

Loose, electric, humorous, charming, raw, gritty, experimental, natural, explosive.


Contemporary heroes:

James Baxter, Mark Henn, Aaron Blaise


Classic heroes:

R.O. Blechman, Patrick Oliphant, Hayao Miyazaki, Ollie Johnson


Fave authors:

Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Melissa Gilbert, Bobby Farrelly,

David Levien, James Frey, Anne Lamott, Nami Mun

More Inspo:

+ Stanislav Szukalski + John Singer Sargent + Norman Rockwell 

+ Frida Kahlo + Hieronymus Bosch + Salvador Dali + Heinrich Kley

+ Charles Dana Gibson + Winslow Homer + Andy Warhol

+ Andrew Wyeth + N.C. Wyeth + Mary Blair + Edward Hopper

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