Aly Cat - Scholastic

The morning is off to a bad start for Aly Cat Anderson, but a disaster on a special day gives her a chance to get back on track.


This book for Scholastic written by Ellen Leroe has the funniest dialogue! It's a pleasure to work with such capable people. The tile, "Aly Cat Takes Over First Grade," says it all. Here's a bit from the first paragraph:


This morning I got up in the dark. I put a finger to my lips to shush Einstein. He’s my super-smart goldfish.

I grabbed Mr. Jaws, my new battery-operated toy shark. Then I tippy-slippy-toed into the hall and into Giraffe Girl’s room. In case you Nosy

Rosies need to know, Giraffe Girl is my thirteenyear- old sister, Merry.