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Caricature Calisthenics

In the spirit of the Olympics I want to share one technique with you this week.

And that is the importance of doing warm up sketches.

Think of this as doing calisthenics before competing in a sport.

By doing a variety of quick gesture attempts at finding a likeness

you’re essentially stretching so you won’t pull a hamstring during the race.

Look, don’t judge yourself to harshly in this warm up phase.

Try doing profile drawings, this is the most direct way to find those unique features.

Use this time to get those bad drawings out of the way!

This will improve the agility and coordination in your drawing skills.

By working through this process you’ll find what features are fun to

emphasize. Don’t worry, the likeness will emerge.

Your turn! What one thing makes your art come together?

Thanks for watching!


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