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A Buddhist Parable

When you get shot in the chest with an arrow.

There once was a man who was walking through the woods when suddenly an arrow pierced through his chest. He proceeds to complain about it all day for the rest of the day. So effectively, two bad things happened to this man. One of them, he had no control over.#buddhist

We have many reasons to be angry, but is that helping you right now? Consider doing things that move the needle. All of us have wildly different specific situations and needs. What can improve your situation?

I get it. All that pent up frustration can’t even be taken out in the gym because gyms are closed! Consider funneling that energy toward learning a new skill that will make you more valuable when the economy reopens. There are many MasterClass film courses by Aaron Sorkin, Neil Gaiman, Annie Leibovitz, and Judd Apatow here:

Schoolism has courses by active, industry superstars. I’m merely going deeper into the programs I already work in. Do you realize most of us only know 10% of Photoshop's capabilities?

Look, we’re all going to have some kind of PTSD when we come out of this economic lockdown. Invest time growing your skills and knowledge, and change this acronym to post-traumatic GROWTH disorder!

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