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The highest level of mastery is simplicity. ~James Clear

This doesn’t mean working at a high level in your craft should be simple to do. The end result should appear as if it was simply done.

Annie Leibovitz said she likes using one umbrella and a single light to photograph her famous portraits. Rembrandt used a limited pallet of black, white, reds, and browns. Best selling author John Grisham limits the vocabulary in his books to a 9th grade reading level, on average.

And this from Dilbert creator, Scott Adams: “One of my systems is that I continually look for ways to cut corners. In 1,000 different ways, I continually chip away at anything that’s inefficient until it’s efficient”

I think of a variation of this quote whenever I’m having trouble choosing from hundreds of different Photoshop brushes or picking the right meditation app, or making dinner.

KISS: keep it simple, stupid. Or is it keep it stupid simple?

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