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Minion Short - Sequence 1 - Dungeons & Dragons 


The following 3 clips are from a Minions short for Illumination. In this sequence, the main Minion finds himself in over his head when he gets transported to a whole new world. 


Sequence 2 - Dungeons & Dragons 


Sequence 3 - Dungeons & Dragons 


Andy Warhol Short


A couple more clips here from another Minions short for Illumination. In this sequence, the main character has had his 15 minutes of fame in the 1970’s modern art world and is trying desperately to impress an art critic.  


Cinemascope baybeeee! Directed by: Matt Nealon


The silliness continues.

Directed by: Matt Nealon

Storyboards: Tom LaBaff

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 9.38.46 AM.png

Go! Go! Cory Carson

Live Pitch -

The things little cars will do to impress other little cars. 

Watch the video here.