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Laboring Over Your Artwork

The famous illustrator Malcolm 'Skip' Liepke once was a guest visitor at my art college in Sarasota, Fl. He had a beautiful John Singer Sargent - oil painting style (and still does) that graced magazine covers at that time. He told us about his work habits and technique but I’ll never forget what he said about his time management. I'm paraphrasing here, "I spend way too many hours laboring over my paintings so that they appear to have been done effortlessly." I felt a little better returning to my dorm that day knowing even this modern day master struggles with his art. ---------------- For my spread below, I also pitched a hand lettered treatment for the title, in addition to the illustration. The a/d decided to go with a regular font which, I must say, looked better. But I’d like to show this version so it at least it has it’s day in court. -------------- So, enjoy a laborious day today while making your work look like it was done painlessly! Tom


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