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Sketch Brawl!

Fellow art lovers, I have a treat for you. I’ve created a live Facebook show where some of today’s top visual artists battle against each other in a real-time, 5 minute drawing showdown. It’s called Sketch Brawl!

What can these artists do in 5 minutes with a limited subject? You’ll be surprised.

The audience will determine the winner of each contest by casting their vote in the comments.

Like my page so you’ll know when these matches are going down.

Some of the all-star players are:

Disney animation director and concept artist, Aaron Blaise

Disney animator/director, Tony and Tom Bancroft

Internationally known award winning illustrator, Regan Dunnick

Award winning art director and concept artist, Robh Ruppel

2 time Emmy award winning director, Kevin Deters

Story supervisor of Frozen and Big Hero 6, Paul Briggs

Osmosis Jones animation director, Piet Kroon

Plein air painter, Trey Finney

Blue Sky animator and Mick Jagger impersonator, Jim Jackson

Sony Pictures character designer, Betsy Bauer

Watercolorists, comic book artists, visual development artists, children’s book illustrators, storyboard artists, professional doodlers, and many more!

Be prepared for a brawly brawl.

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