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Sketch Brawl - Bancroft Brother Battle

Two men enter the ring, one man leaves.

This past weekend, these two artists went head to head in a live 5 min drawing showdown:

Tom Bancroft vs. Tony Bancroft

The brothers were given the same random word to draw. But now we need YOU, the audience to vote and - a winner will be born. But first, let me share a little about the players.

To get notified when this Facebook live event goes down, like my page.

I know Tom from our battle days in the trenches at Disney. He’s a tall drink of water who I remember walking around the studio towering over animation desks asking, “Whatcha workin’ on?" One of my first memories of him was watching him animate a huge crowd of characters for Beauty and the Beast. I was shocked because at the time I thought animators only worked on one character at a time. Then I realized that he was treating the whole group as one character, with slightly different timing and expression to each one.

He quickly skyrocketed to doing major characters like Mushu from Mulan where he was able to flaunt his personality and got to hog the whole screen. He’s since worked on several other major films like the upcoming Bunyan & Babe with voices by Mark Hamill and John Goodman.

Tom currently hosts a show with his brother called “The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast,” available on iTunes. They interview some of the biggest players in the animation industry. Tom is an Artist in Residence for the Animation undergraduate program that he developed for Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, where he lives with his family.

Tom’s words to live by: Don’t mess with the tiger or you'll get the claws.

His message for Tony: "This will prove that Mama always loved me best!"

Tony Bancroft was a Supervising Animator for both The Lion King and The Emperor’s New Groove. Memorable characters such as Pumbaa, the lovable warthog and spinach puff specialist, Kronk were two of the comedic creations that Tony brought to life. He capped a successful 12-year career at Disney, being named co-director of the award-winning feature Mulan; adding to his list of credits, “youngest director in Disney’s history” and an Annie Award for Best Director that year.

But will all this be enough to give him the winning edge against his bro in their upcoming Sketch Brawl?

Tony’s words to live by: Dreams are easy to come by, making them a reality is the work.

His message for Tom: "Your Momma brought you into this world second for a reason!"

Every weekend a new show will happen - Be there!

Your Turn!

Ready to get in the ring? Let me know about it in the comments!

Tom Bancroft's site:

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