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Ep #4 The Cracked Egg - Kroon vs. Cox

Saturday at 3 pm EST, these two highly skilled draftsmen will faced off in a live 5-minute drawing showdown:

Piet Kroon vs. Bryan Cox

They’ve chosen to use digital tools and will do their best rendition of a ‘cracked egg.’ When they’re done the audience will vote, and a winner will be born. But first, let me share a little about the players.

While Piet Kroon (top) and I shared an office at Blue Sky, we drew hundreds of birds in absurd scenarios for the movie Rio. Piet is from Holland so I had to put up with his accent, but he was forced to listen to my ideas for inventions like the ‘lie reader.’ A contraption that suspended a book in front of your face while lying down flat on your back. I could always count on Piet for critical, intelligent feedback like: ‘that’s stupid.’

Piet is currently a prolific storyboard phenom at Blue Sky. He’s contributed countless great ideas to recent movies like Ice Age, Epic, Peanuts, and the upcoming Ferdinand the Bull.

I met Bryan Cox when he was in the highly specialized field of creating FX for animatics. If you needed an earthquake, tidal wave or a simple rack focus on a tiny bug, Bryan was the man. I say WAS because he’s no longer a guy. I mean an AFX guy. Recently he’s made the jump to be part of the elite team of storyboard artists at Blue Sky Studios.

Will Bryan and Piet be friends after this match? Well, they’re not friends now, so I doubt it. JK.

Good luck gentlemen. Keep it a clean fight. No hitting below the belt.

This ‘cracked egg’ battle is going down today at 3 pm EST.

Be there!


This battle has happened! Great results from both players. Now the hard part, YOU have to pick the winner! Who won this battle? Piet or Bryan?

More of Piet's work here:

And Bryan Cox here:

And if you want to get in the ring, just say the word!

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