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The Unicorn Battle - Merritt vs. Janelle

The Unicorn Battle - Ep #5 Sketch Brawl

This cat fight has happened! Last Thursday, these two classy ladies scratched out a Unicorn drawing in 5 minutes. I was promised no animals got hurt, but one of these women is a known liar.

Merritt Andrews tried convincing our entire studio that she was a life sized Barbie Doll. She wore a blonde wig and crawled inside a huge Mattel branded toy box. Then she’d smile and wave through the cellophane. Okay it was Halloween and she won first prize but that’s still lying! She may have experience winning competitions but did that help her against her Sketch Brawl opponent?

As a young country girl, Janelle Bell used to drive a tractor on her farm in Ohio. After she learned how to use crayons at the Columbus College of Art and Design, she had a fruitful career at Walt Disney animation in Orlando, Florida. Did those long days chasing chickens on her farm prepare her for the match?

Judge for yourself. Literally, we need you to pick a winner. Most of the voting is done on my Facebook page, but we'd love to get your critique and vote here too.

Find out more about the players!

Janelle Bell

Transcript from the show coming soon. Ralph, you can put it here.

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