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Ep #6 - The Flying Fish

Sketch Brawl Ep #6 - The Flying Fish

This past weekend, at 3 pm EST Saturday, someone got schooled.

The highly anticipated student vs. teacher has happened!

Regan Dunnick vs. Travis Foster

We need you to tell us: Who taught who a lesson?

The name Regan Dunnick is synonymous with Ringling College of Art and Design. He’s been an illustration professor there for decades and has inspired and is responsible for countless careers in art all over the world.

Weeks before enrolling here as a student, I remember there was a buzz around campus. ‘Did you pick the right illustration professor because your career depends on it?’ Luckily I had another professor. Kidding. Regan is a living legend. So if you spot him somewhere in the baked goods aisle at Publix in Sarasota, pinch him. Because people, he is real.

When Travis Foster was a student at Ringing, he was everybody’s role model. The way he dedicated himself to every assignment cast a spell over the entire campus. I would watch him walk across campus with a figure drawing pad stuffed under his arm and think, ‘he looks sleepy because he probably pulled an all-nighter doing another fantastic piece of art.'

If I remember correctly, Travis turned down job offers from Disney, Hallmark, and others. For me, this just potentiated the kool aid. He was my Tony Robbins. More about what he’s up to now, on the show.

Does all this knowledge and inspiration come through in their 5 minute drawing battle?

See for yourself and then VOTE for a winner. Most of the voting happens on Facebook, but feel free to drop your vote here too!

More of Regan's work here

And Travis Foster here

Travis's Cartoon Zoo

Thanks for playing.

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