• Tom LaBaff

The Bikini Brawl - Sketch Brawl Ep #7

This past Thursday at 3 pm EST there were hot women in bikinis on the show. Need I say more? Watch Tim Hodge and Woody Woodman compete to draw the sexiest bikini. Tim chose to use old school paint brushes and watercolor paper while Woody leveraged his digital toolbox. Tim Hodge has a strong background in storytelling for animated films. He’ll need to tap into his animation background to pull off a win today. Tim can be quick with a clever line or a visual pun, and will do whatever it takes to find one. I remember in a story meeting once he pinned a 5 dollar bill to a board full of his drawings. He offered the money to whoever came up with a better line for one of the jokes. Will Tim be able to bribe his way to victory today? Woody Woodman is a Marine. He’s known to bring that same quality of discipline to his sketch work. He has seen many women in bikinis over his lifetime and is so familiar with the female figure that he can draw one with his eyes closed. This is an actual technique he’s done in his figure drawing classes. It’s called blind drawing. But Woody will have to open his eyes to win his match today. Will the Marine take down Tim the joke man? You decide by voting on this match. Without the audience, we're not a show. Most of the voting happens on FB, but feel free to leave your opinion here in the comments. The winner will be announced on the next show. Saturday, Feb 11th!

Tim Hodge's work

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Woody Woodman's work


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