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Disney Battle of the Matchstick Man - Sketch Brawl Ep #8

Saturday at 3 pm EST, two Disney legends took to the mat to draw the best matchstick man.

Kevin Deters vs. Paul Briggs

The most interesting thing about Kevin Deters is not that he began his art career with a degree in architecture. Or that he played high school soccer for Quincy Notre Dame. Or that he was a writer and director of Disney’s Christmas hit Prep and Landing which he also won an Emmy for; I give him my respect for getting in the ring today with the fierce Paul Briggs. Will all this experience help him win when they compete to draw the best 5-minute sketch?

Many don’t realize Paul Briggs was not only the story supervisor on the hit feature films Big Hero 6 and Frozen, but he also was the voice of the characters Yama and Marshmallow, respectively. Will his drawing experience on Princess and the Frog, Bolt, and Tangled give him the edge in his match against The Deters?

This match was hot. One artist got political and the other used a live flame in his drawing. First pyrotechnics on the show!

The jury is still out, vote now!

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More about Kevin.

And more of Paul's work.

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