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The Jack Rabbit - Ep #10 - Sketch Brawl - Tony Stanley vs. Boris Andreev

I once heard a story about an art lover. He collected paintings from all over the world. One day he saw an artist selling his canvases in the park. The collector was struck by the beauty of one piece in particular. It was a gesture drawing of a dancing ballerina. The art collector loved this piece and wanted to buy it, but the price was $500. The art collector asked the artist, "This drawing couldn’t have taken you more than a few minutes, how can you ask such a high price?" The artist replied, “This is my favorite sketch of a dancer who I’ve been drawing for the past five years.” When watching the talented players on Sketch Brawl, you can see the decades of experience that is behind each match. Check out The Jack Rabbit episode! Most of the voting takes place on my Facebook page but feel free to vote in the comments. We will record all votes.

More of Boris's work

Tony's work:

Happy Humpday!


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