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The Belt Battle - Ep # 11 - Sketch Brawl - Hurst vs. Zeitler

Last Wednesday at 7 pm EST, a line was drawn. In fact, many lines were drawn by John Hurst and Ron Zeitler when they threw down in The Battle of the Belts! John Hurst doesn’t believe in Facebook. He’s also managed to remain somewhat of a mystery when it comes to finding pics of him online. But I don’t need photographic proof that John exists. He’s alive and well and living in Orlando with a pencil in his hand and socks on his feet. His name is whispered in the halls of animation companies. He is sometimes spotted at Blue Sky Studios when he flies there as part of his yearly migration habits but people, these sightings are rare. If you ever happen to spot John in the wild be careful. Take shelter. But also pull out your phone and snap a pic. Tabloids will pay top dollar for even a blurry shot with a telescopic lens. People had the rare chance to see him when he came out of hiding to grapple with his opponent. Ron Zeitler is a professor at Ringling College of Art and Design where he teaches animation to seniors. He’s known for scoring extremely high on the ’Rate My Professor’ website where he currently carries a 4.3. Ron earns this reputation from student reviews like this one: Ron is an awesome guy. DFA was probably my favorite class in the whole CA major. He's very lucid with his explanations, gives great critiques, and treats his students with total courtesy. Speaks to his class as adults, equals, and individuals with unique artistic visions. I HIGHLY recommend Ron. But was Ron lucid while John Hurst was hammering him in the ring? Most of the voting is on FB but don't let that stop you from voting here too!

This match has not been decided yet.

More of John Hurst's work here.

More about Ron here.

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