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Going from Mundane to Excitement

Episode #12 The Flip Flop

Betsy Bauer vs Andrew Theophilopoulos

Some really good natural judges have emerged from the comments section! Without YOU, the audience, we don't have a show. Here's one of the comments from a previous show. This is Sean Brennan:

"I have to say, this was a tough one. I had to go back and review the video a few times before making my decision. I based my decision on the following criteria: Use of multiple mediums, detail, use of color, communicating 'Jack' in a unique/unexpected way, and probably most important of all, capturing the appropriate expression on the Jack Rabbit's face in relation to what it was doing. Therefore, my choice for winner was Boris."

Or you can just vote using one word! That's fine. Your voting is oxygen for Sketch Brawl, so thank you!

Now, a little about the players:

Betsy Bauer is a ferocious alum from Ringling College of Art and Design. I worked with her a few years ago on a couple of films where I got to witness her amazing sense of color and atmosphere. Betsy may get her grit from her crazy dog. I say crazy because I saw photos of what this dog is capable of doing when left home alone. No furniture is safe around Kobie. Did she name her dog after the MMA fighter possibly?

Her career is off to an incredible start. She has created whimsical illustrations, films, and games known as "Google Doodles" for the Silicon Valley giant. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014, and since then has worked with companies like Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks TV, Disney TV, and Mattel on various animated projects. Alongside her TV and film work, she continues to pursue children's book illustration and comics.

Andrew Theophilopoulos is another youngster who is crushing it in the visual entertainment niche. I worked with “Theo” in the film industry which is where I learned, during lunch one day, that he’s done private painted commissions for former Prime Minister, Tony Blair and former First Lady, Laura Bush. Boom!

He’s got love for the old masters like Sargent and Pyle which is evident in his current paintings. In the modern world, he’s done some stellar concept art for companies like Disney, Blizzard and Moonbot to name a few. He’s also got a YouTube channel where he shares secrets about his process.

But will all this experience help him in his 5-minute showdown against the Bauer Power?

Let's find out together, just need your vote. Either way, head over to my Facebook page or feel free to drop your vote right here.

Betsy's work here:

Andrew's here:

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