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Sketch Brawl Scoreboard - Where We Are and Help Wanted!

Hello, Sketch Brawl fans!

We’ve had fire, animation, cows blood, cracked eggs and glittered unicorns so far on the show. What will our players think of next?

First off, I owe you all an apology for not being organized. This game has grown so fast that it quickly became hard to manage because I always must give priority to my client work, which is often 40 + hours per week. Thank you for being patient as we are figuring this out on the fly.

But fear not Sketch Brawl nation, Dan and I are starting to get our shit together! Currently, we have a total of 48 players, so we’ve divided Sketch Brawl into three seasons. Here they are along with the grand prize for winning the final match titled Sketch Bowl!:

Season One - Van Gogh - Wacom Digital drawing tool: Inkling

Season Two - Rembrandt- Sam Flax art supply gift basket

Season Three - Degas - 240 custom digital brushes for Photoshop by Kyle T. Webster

We are trying to sweeten the prizes by doing brand collaborations, so there may be more to come. Each season is single player elimination, so if you lose or have lost, you’re out. (Season 4 ‘Monet’ is in the works if you want to dust yourself off and get back in the game.)

Our goal is to have two shows a week; Tuesday and Saturday at 6 pm. We’re getting better but this has been challenging. We plan to roll out a calendar for the players so they can promote when their show is on. Speaking of promotions, if you have something you’d like us to mention on your show, like a book you’re promoting or specific event - let me know, and we’ll mix it in when we read your bio.

Because of some communication SNAFUS on my part, a few player’s matches have been delayed. Don’t fret; we’re getting those slots filled. I will reach out to you individually to keep you posted.

Final 8! If you make it to the final eight semi-finals, there will be a theme for your object. Season One is ‘Movies from the 80’s.’ Pretty Woman. Jaws. E.T. and Silence of the Lambs. If you have ideas for upcoming themes, let us know in the comments!

In case you didn’t know, I write a post-show blog article on my site that has links back to your site. So let me know if you want to drive traffic to your event or promotion, this has been getting decent exposure.

Positions available! I always say ‘without the audience; we don’t have a show.’ We’ve had great voter turn out so far. If anyone wants to get involved with the production side of Sketch Brawl, that’d be awesome. Unfortunately, it’d be unpaid right now. Here’s an example of what we could use: narrating the player's bio. Research artists background and put together an interesting, fast paced 45 second on air read, that’d be super helpful. You could record the audio on your phone, and send me the file. Also, we could use someone for recruiting/scouting for season 4 - Monet, let me know. And then, of course, video editing. Creating short clips, teasers, and trailers for social media. Couple hours a week.

The brackets. Playas’, if you see that your match ‘needs opponent,’ rest assured we’re working on it. If you want to call someone to the ring, by all means, give them a shout.

Here are the leaderboards:

Van Gogh, season one:

Rembrandt, season two:

Degas, season three:

Your turn! What are your ideas for some themed final eight semi-final objects to draw?

Thanks for watching! Tom and Dan

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