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Inside Aaron Blaise's Brain

It’s hard to make this claim without sounding hyperbolic but the guy in this video - Aaron Blaise, is one of the best draftsmen in the world.

The punchline is: Even the best of the best can struggle with their art.

Quick story about what makes this video unique. Many of you know about the live show I’ve been doing since January called Sketch Brawl. I get artists to compete in a one on one, 5-minute drawing challenge.

Once I give the artists an object or theme, they each record their 5-minute effort at their convenience, send me the movie file, I stitch them together, then me and my host Dan Hamilton go live and provide the commentary.

But as a happy accident, Aaron provided his own commentary which I couldn’t play during the show because it might have tainted the voting. But this is really worth sharing. Listen to his thought process as he improvises and problem solves his way through the sketch.


Happy Humpday.

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