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Ep. #18 Nervous Fly - Sketch Brawl

In case you missed it, Sketch Brawl recap - Episode #18 Nervous Fly.

In this episode we had two children’s book illustrators, Pete Raymundo and Chad Thompson compete to draw their interpretation of a ‘nervous fly.”

Chad won the majority of the votes with his ‘fly on a first date.’ This cute little guy dressed in a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers portrayed a relatable situation for the audience.

Pete pulled an old-fashioned bait and switch technique that kept the audience guessing what was going on until the last 15 seconds. A bold move but must have left the judges feeling duped rather than impressed.

Either way, it was an entertaining show. Chad moves on to the semi - finals. Visit my Facebook page to watch all the shows, and to know what’s coming up next.

Survivor Game Changers - poster series.

Because I’m a HUGE Survivor fan, I can’t resist drawing the players that are getting voted out each week.

I’m experimenting with a Facebook campaign where I am dripping out short process videos of each illustration. Then, when I have giclee prints made I’ll also video that process to build interest and momentum for when they go on sale.

Here’s one of the process videos. This is Debbie who was voted off last week. She was a fierce competitor. Love her or hate her, she gave it her all. Hats off to you Debbie, you were very entertaining. Hugs!

Happy Humpday! Tom

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