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Sea Monkey 2 - Sketch Brawl Ep #26

How would you like to own an original drawing from one of our Sketch Brawl artists? Simply cast your vote and share this video and you’ll automatically be in the running! As long as you live in the United States, you are eligible. We’ll announce who wins the free sketch give away along with the winner of this Sea Monkey 2 match on the next show. Pretty cool right?

Today on the show Lars Erik Robinson takes on Caleb Rivera in a challenge to draw the best Sea Monkey. After going through a rough patch of drug addiction and crime in Sweden in the 80’s, Lars moved back to the U.S. where he got his act together and committed himself to a career in the arts.

Growing up in the Bronx, Caleb had his own demons to fight when he found himself deeply entrenched in gang life. At age 18, he decided to turn the corner and give his life to Jesus where he found new purpose and value to his existence. He married his childhood sweetheart and now has three beautiful children who also happen to be incredible artists.

But will all this transformational experience help them in their 5-minute duel to draw the best image today? Only you will decide. Watch, vote and share to get a chance at winning an original drawing! Good luck to everyone. Now...on with the show!

Lars's website:

Caleb's website: here.

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