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The Gist of the Gist - Andrew Keller; Facebook's Global C/D

This week I picked a trending article from our industry, surgically removed the key takeaways, illustrated them, then spun it all into a silent 60 second video.

This is from Ad Age’s conversation with Facebook's Andrew Keller on 6 second ads, creativity, and prototyping.

Andrew says:

Create 15 second ads for IG stories because that’s where the attention is.

See, Lowe’s is doing it.

Vertical video for mobile makes sense.

Be meaningful and emotional at the top of the funnel then utility and value at the bottom.

Facebook sees opportunities to help small business create ads on mobile.

Keller’s definition of prototyping means ‘why not just create the ad and publish it, rather than talking about if an idea will work or not.

Creative thinkers are an asset to any business.

That thing about 15 seconds? It’s now 6 seconds. 6 is the new 15.


Your turn! What's been working for your campaigns? What's not?

Let me know in the comments.

Happy Humpday.

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