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Dandelion Drawing Battle - LIVE!

Tomorrow night, two grown men who share several vowels in their names, will face off in a 5-minute drawing sketch off. Saturday, Jan 21 - 3pm EST.

Ronnie Williford vs Thomas Thorspecken

They both will be given the same random object/subject to draw. When they’re done, the audience will vote in real time, and a winner is born. But first, a little about the players.

Actually, Ron and Tom have much more in common. They were part of an elite special op, animation clean up team on Disney’s Mulan, where they worked many painfully long overtime hours with me, drawing miscellaneous back ground characters. Oh, the glamor!

Ronnie and I got to witness Thomas “Thor” crank through high volumes of production drawings at an incredibly fast pace. But you couldn’t fool us. We were aware of the obvious. Thor was a cyborg. He appeared to be and resembled a normal human, but we always knew there was just a thin layer of living tissue over his robotic endoskeleton.

Ronnie is a long haired, music-loving free spirit. The man is a multitalented force of nature. I’m always impressed when I get to see his guitar playing, singing, woodworking and love making. Wait what?

Ronnie and his wife recently moved back to Florida, the state where dinosaurs still roam. Just look in your newsfeed on any given day where you’ll see alligators jumping into boats. It’s cray-cray down here in the sunshine state.

Live show: Saturday, Jan 21, 2017 / 3pm EST

Be there!

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Ronnie Williford's work:

Thomas Thorspecken's work:

**Thor kept painting past his 5 minutes and ended up with this excellent piece:


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